Inspiring places. A small oasis in the middle of chaos, a sanctuary of peace, reflection and comfort. PO project demonstrates the importance of having our sacred corner, that place that we frequently attend in times of doubt, in moments of tranquility, anxiety and certainly during those happy moments that we share in company of those we love most. A space that combines the exterior with the interior, inviting different external elements as part of the same space. To enjoy the sun or to watch the rain fall, PO project is an example of appreciation for the detail, effort and dedication of different parts that become a whole.

The combination of materials, textures and colors make this space unique and very special. Nature as the main element of the interior design of the place, allows you to feel in direct contact with the atmosphere, a refreshing breeze, a moment of pause and appreciation. Rokam was involved in the creation, development and execution of various pieces that are an essential part of the space decoration.

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