Casa Piedra Acapulco

Casa Piedra Acapulco

Gabriela Carrillo Workshop

Casa Piedra is located in Brisas Marqués, Acapulco Guerrero. The essential feature of this complex is that it is located in a granite rocks deposit of great antiquity, that defines the soil of the bay. The nature of the stones, trees and existing topography defines the complexity of the house.

The combination of different materials to achieve non-slip floors, low light reflection, low thermal absorption and light structures. The house has intelligent solar panel systems, photovoltaic systems and water treatment system, achieving a virtually autonomous house of local infrastructure.

The Gabriela Carrillo Workshop has been recognized in different architectural biennials, has been published and exhibited both nationally and internationally. It is built on readings, thoughts and different approaches of ideas; its inspiration is life itself, the way we understand the world, the time in which we live, different places and structures.

Presence of Rokam as a key piece of interior design and decoration of Casa Piedra.

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